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Marque grew up in Kansas City, MO and is a
Chiefs fan through thick and thin. He couldn't be
happier for the recently crowned 2008 NCAA
Basketball National Champion Kansas Jay Hawks.
He moved to Los Angeles when he was 18 to pursue
his dream and hasn't looked back since. He has
performed as a dancer, aerialist, and stunt man all
over the world .With his wife they have created a
very unique adagio and aerial act. The act blends all
of their talents and experiences along with the love
and trust they have for each other.

While in Las Vegas Marque put his gymnastics and
martial arts training to work by joining the Dueling
Pirate Stunt Show and was also
a stunt man and
stunt coordinator f
or EFX:Alive with Rick Springfield.
After moving back to Los Angeles he immediately
was hired as a fire diver in Water World at Universal
Studios and he also worked as a stunt man at Knott's
Berry Farm. Live stunt shows have been a
wonderful training ground for Marque. He was able
to learn many valuable skills such as sword fighting,
high falls/dives and fire burns under some of the
most talented people around. Being able to perform
those stunts on a day to day basis enabled him to
become a very proficient and safe stunt man.
Marque has since retired from live shows choosing
to focus on the TV/Film world.

Marque has a black belt in Kenpo Karate and has
studied Wushu under Sifu Eric Chen. He is currently
training in Eagle Claw Kung Fu. Although getting his
SCUBA certification many years ago was meant to be
just a hobby he has found that it has come in quite
handy for work. He is an avid motorcycle rider on
both street and dirt bikes having ridden since he
was a kid. His aerial experience makes him a great
choice for wire "gags" and he is very comfortable at
heights including jumping from them.
Marque Stunt Demo
Marque has worked on such shows as "The Unit", "Chuck" and "Scrubs" along with the upcoming film
"An American Carol". In the last few years he has also begun coordinating projects ranging from live
shows and commercials to student and short films. Marque has also coordinated two full length features.
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