My name is Marque Ohmes and I am here to help you.
I started in the fitness industry in 1991 as a Personal
Trainer and Aerobics Instructor. After touring the world
as a dancer and aerialist I settled in Las Vegas and
became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I now live
in Van Nuys, CA with my lovely wife Becky.

I understand that fitness can be very confusing and
you might not know where to begin. I also know how
intimidating it is to ask for help especially from
someone you don’t know. Trust me I am the furthest
thing from intimidating. I will answer all your questions
and design a workout to fit your needs. I will be there
every step of the way while we work to achieve your
goals. Don’t let fear stand in your way.

My vast background in gymnastics, martial-arts, dance
and aerial work give me a wide knowledge base to
create a personal workout designed just for you. I train
most of my clients at their home or in a local park. I
incorporate a circuit workout consisting of the following.

Resistance Training - (Free Weights, Bands)
Aerobic Training - (Fun and Challenging Exercises)
Flexibility - (Yoga,Pilate's,Ballet)
Core strength - (Balance Ball, Weight ball)
Body Weight exercises - (push-ups, dips, pull-ups)
Kick boxing - (Agility, Coordination, Strength)

I promise you that if you dedicate yourself to my
programs that you will see a decrease in body fat %
and in increase in lean muscle. You will look and feel
better then ever. You will need to work. It is not easy
but together we can do it.

Your initial consultation and your first workout are free
so what have you got to lose? If you choose to
continue my rates are only $50 an hour and I offer
discounts for multiple sessions. I also have a referral
program, which can save you even more. You can
reach me through email at
Or call me at 310-869-0907
Hope to hear from you soon. =)